FHA Loans and VA Loans Cost Home Buyers

Collier Swecker video blogs about how FHA home loans and VA home loan programs for home buyers often sound great because of little or no down payment but what home buyers do not realize is…
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One Response to FHA Loans and VA Loans Cost Home Buyers

  • Akaider Last says:

    Great vids,
    As a veteran myself I have been in both sides of the coin
    buying and selling. The VA funding fee is waived if you are a disable vet.
    The big problem comes with the VA “non-allowables” that can cost up to
    $2500 and most of the times these fees are passed on to the seller even do
    brokers and loan companies can take care of them. But since everybody wants
    to get paid its better to charge the guy thats getting the cheese. Also VA
    requires a Termite inspection that guess what? it can be paid by the buyer,
    again it is passed to the seller 99% percent of the time.

    Lets not forget about the closing VA loans are very misleading in that. The
    0 downpayment pretty much is helping you get the money towards the closing.
    VA states seller can pay up to 4%; so we are stacking the Non-allowables
    and the 4% closing to the seller. As a VA loan buyer we must understand
    that theres plenty of ways that we can solve this. Buyers can pay the
    non-allowables out of pocket and can come up with a closing don’t expect
    the seller to take care of all this fees because VA is saying they will. I
    myself paid for my inspection and half of the closing out of pocket when I
    purchased my home with a VA loan..

    Anyways great informational vids , good job.


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