VA loan vs FHA loans

Jeff Sargent., formerly of ONB Bank, discusses the difference between VA loans and FHA loans and why they are important to first time home buyers.
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  • Felix V says:

    Obviously this video was uploaded before the 8/2008 Wall Street collapse…

  • Jennifer Cribsly says:

    How much of this info is outdated?

  • LAloanguy20 says:


  • JMC2543 says:

    @jsisco0520 One thing to also mention is that if you are a disabled vet the
    funding fee is actually waved. I am not positive on the % but I believe it
    is 10% and up.

  • Darryl Baskin says:

    Information was brought up-to-date in July 2012 with text overlays on the

  • jsisco0520 says:

    Don’t confuse the details of these loans. You can borrow a max of 97.75% of
    your home’s value with an FHA insured loan for a purchase or a No Cash Out
    rate/term reduction Refinance. If you want cash out you’re maxed at 95% of
    your home’s value.

  • fitnessnews says:

    This is valuable information for a home buyer who needs to have a basic
    understanding of home loans. Buyers need to know this so they are not taken
    advantage of by unscrupulous lenders and sellers can use the information so
    they understand how financing will affect their home sale.

  • jsisco0520 says:

    If you qualify for VA benefits you can purchase with out a down payment and
    not have monthly mortgage insurance. There is a funding fee to use these
    benefits, which can be borrowed on top of your base loan.

  • Grupo Tu Solución | RN Tu solución hipotecaria, Tu solución inmobiliaria, Odontofinancia says:

    very interesting


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